Basic Electricity Exam

Read each question carefully, then write T (true) or F (false) in the form field next to the question.

  1. Ohm's law has been challenged in the Supreme Court and is no longer valid. 

  2. Electricity will leak out of the pipes if they are not connect with rain tight fittings. 

  3. To trip a breaker, you must stick your foot out as it walks by. 

  4. A circuit breaker reads "20" on the handle.  This means it can only trip twenty times before it wears out. 

  5. If you plug something 110 volts into a 120 volt outlet, 10 volts will leak out and make a mess. 

  6. When pulling two 4/0 wires into a 1/2" PVC conduit, the "PVC" stands for "pipe very crowded". 

  7. A flush mount device may only be hooked up to a toilet. 

  8. Service Entrance Conductors purchased from an electrical parts house with current already in them are very dangerous to install. 

  9. High voltage wire is used in the upper levels of tall buildings, whereas low voltage cable is usually found in the basement? 

  10. If you have a molded case circuit breaker, the mold can be washed off with warm soapy water?